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Time to Care is a blog that offers food for thought on issues related to management of the workforce in healthcare organizations across the continuum of care.

Time to Care is a place to engage in thoughtful conversation about all aspects of healthcare workforces attributes, complexity, scarcity, talents, roles, safety, and their invaluable contributions through caring.

Hosted by blogger Susan Reese, Time to Care is a place that should challenge us all to think. To do that, Susan shares her perspective on the healthcare workforce of today and the vision for tomorrow. She invites others with an interesting point of view to stir the pot and make us all step back and think.

About Susan Reese

Always chasing the finer things in life, defined by Susan as the simple enjoyment of good food thoughtfully prepared; true conversation on topics of great variety; time spent listening and learning; and, most important of all, a commitment to being fully present when engaged in interactions with family, friends, and other unnamed travelers on life’s journey.

During a long and successful nursing career, Susan has gone from caregiver in emergency services, up the management ladder, out the door into healthcare consulting, and is now Chief Nurse Executive at Kronos Incorporated, a global workforce management software company.
In an effort to provide some balance in her busy work-centric world, Susan can be found most Sundays chasing a little white ball with a stick around some really big lawns. She’s learning to play golf!
For more insights you can follow Susan on Twitter at sreeseRNMBA or via LinkedIn.

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