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Kronos Nurse “Letter to Self” – Jocie Strong MSN, RN, PCCN

May 13, 2014
Jocie Strong - in the beginning!

Jocie Strong – in the beginning!

Jocie Strong MSN, RN, PCCN is a Healthcare Strategist at KronosDear Jocie,

As a new nurse manager, you have only just started to understand the many competencies needed to become a successful nurse leader.  You decided to pursue leadership after seeing how organizational inefficiencies and hospital-centered policies could negatively influence care, while small patient-centered changes could make a world of difference to your patients.  Over the next few years, as you face these patient satisfaction and quality care issues head on, you will be inspired by the resilience and creativity of your nursing staff when faced with a revolving door of challenges, by the patients and their family members who become “unit family” through their extended stays, but never give up hope that they will soon leave healthier than they came, by your senior nurses who remember a time before achieving Magnet status and who take Shared Governance as a serious opportunity to improve care to patients, mentor new nurses, and enhance the work environment and culture, and finally, by the experienced nurse leaders around you, who will teach you that nursing leadership, like bedside nursing, is all about building relationships. Appreciate the relationships and the contributions of those around you – they will ultimately shape and define you as a nurse leader.



Jocie 2014

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