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Kronos Nurses “Letters to Self” – Steve Delp MSN, RN

May 9, 2014
Steve Delp MSN, RN - Student in NeoNatal ICU

Steve Delp MSN, RN – Student in NeoNatal ICU

Steve Delp MSN, RN is currently a Workforce Solutions Consultant at Kronos

Dear “Young” Steve,

You may not realize it, but choosing to become a nurse…or as you called yourself in nursing school a “murse”…was one of the best decisions of your life, not just for your career, but for life in general. You will carry with you a sense of caring and necessity to help those in need the rest of your life and you won’t always hear it, but everyone you care for or impact with those qualities will be thankful of it. Although, there will be some weird moments…like standing in line at the grocery store and finding yourself eyeing up the perfect IV placement veins on the customers in front of you…sorry about that. Oh, and every time you fly, you’ll probably hope another hand goes up when the flight attendant asks for a doctor or nurse on the plane because you just want to finish that movie you’re watching…but you’ll raise your hand and help anyway…because you’ll never stop being a nurse. Remember this…you will take better care of strangers than you do yourself…so don’t forget to add a little “you” time back into your life…but you probably won’t…because you’re a nurse

-Old Steve

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