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Kronos Nurses “Letters to Self” – Carol Crow MSN, RN

May 8, 2014
Carol Crow - in the beginning

Carol Crow – in the beginning

Carol Crow MSN, RN is a Solution Consultant at Kronos

Dear Carol,

Nursing is a calling that brings great joy, daily challenge and personal satisfaction. Your nursing career will not be easy. It is a journey filled with potholes, twists, turns and stops.
There will be laughter and there will be tears but through them both you will learn. You will learn that not every situation has a clear answer. You will learn to balance emotions, rational theory and ethics. Embrace the learning and relish sharing for nursing is diverse, ever-changing and ever challenging. You will move from student to teacher back to student throughout your career. Growth is constant in nursing. Grow well and your career opportunities are limitless.
Remember always that nursing is not merely a profession but a calling. Through words and deeds you will say “I care about you” to your patients, and their families.
At the end of your career, looking back through the years, you will see a long road overflowing with intersections. Each intersection is where you have touched a life.

Carol (2014)

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