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Advice to my younger self…Kronos Nurses “Letters to Self”

May 5, 2014

As we begin our celebration of Nurses Week 2014, the nurses at Kronos would like to share their letters of advice to their younger selves!

In these “Letters to Self” reflections about their nursing career result in touching stories of lessons learned on the journey, advice and remembrances. I believe you will find that no matter where we nurses find ourselves today there are shared experiences in our careers that will forever bind us together as nurses!

We hope you enjoy reading our “Letters to Self” this week as we celebrate NURSES!.

Susan Reese in Nursing School

Susan Reese in Nursing School

I’ll get us started…with my personal “Letter to Self”…

Susan M. Reese MBA, RN, CPHIMS is currently Chief Nurse Executive & Director, Healthcare Practice at Kronos

Dear Susan,

You may not know it now but the choice of nursing school will open a world to you that you can’t now imagine. You will meet people from all walks of life. You and those you meet along the way will change each other. Some you will teach skills that will lead to better lives and others will teach you. The journey will be interesting, hard, happy, sad, exasperating and fulfilling. You will make a difference. The path to today will be convoluted and you won’t get here without making mistakes. Forgive yourself the mistakes. Relish the journey and remember – no matter what life hands you – you are a nurse, you can handle it!

Your “older and wiser” self,


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