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Managing in the Moment: Orchestra Uses a Mobile Solution!

June 7, 2013

This week the Philadelphia Orchestra found themselves stuck on the tarmac at Beijing Capital Airport in China. The flight to Macao was delayed three hours when several members of the orchestra decided they could use their mobile devices to solve one of the problems – the increasing stress the passengers were experiencing. So they managed in the moment.

We are not talking about providing a distraction with mobile phones or tablets. We are talking about the unique mobile devices with which the orchestra works. We are talking about their musical instruments!

Several members of the orchestra provided an impromptu performance for the passengers and crew. Their performance is posted here and on YouTube.

It’s a great story and a great lesson in the importance of mobile devices. I should clarify. It is really not the device that is so important it is what you can do with it.  Just as these musicians used their mobile instruments to provide the music whose “charms…sooth a savage beast”, managers in healthcare can use their mobile phones and tablets to access workforce management information, taking the Time to Care, to make those in the moment critical decisions about staffing or scheduling.

Whether you’re a musician stuck on the tarmac in China or a third shift House Supervisor at the local community hospital – Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos – tools to help you manage in the moment are essential to success!

Enjoy! Susan

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  1. Kevin Devine, RN MSN permalink
    June 10, 2013 10:44 AM

    My Hometown….Philly Represent! 🙂

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