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“What’s your name?”

April 16, 2013

I just watched a news report on the horrendous events of April 15th in Boston – the bombs at the finish of the Boston Marathon. The physician being interview was asked about a memorable moment. He recounted completing treatment of a young woman. As she turned to leave the medical tent, he describes, with a shutter to his voice, her asking “what is your name?” Interpreting this as her wanting to express her thanks, he is almost brought to tears, as was I.

There are many whose actions on April 15th, 2013 in Boston deserve our thanks. There are many yet to come into the lives of the victims who also will deserve thanks. Many whose names we will never know…

There is the nurse scheduled for the night shift next Tuesday who will respond to the call bell of a new amputee that can’t get to the bathroom without help. There is the CNA that will take a little extra time getting the injured grandmother dressed and her hair combed properly before the first visit from the grandkids. There is the young physician who will never forget the lessons about compassion that this tragedy will have taught and will be forever giving that gift to patients in the future. There is the dietary aide who didn’t just leave the meal tray, but took the minute to make sure that it was delivered with care. There is the rehab therapist who understands that the pain of the process of rehabilitation is a necessary evil to a patient’s future independence.

And finally, there are those whose names we will never know, but can never forget. The members of the healthcare workforce who looked the victims in the eye and let them know they were not alone.

The healthcare workforce is a very special group of people. We need to take the Time to Care for them and support them in all they do for us!

Susan –

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