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“We’ve got your back…on second thought…”

July 17, 2012

It appears that the British Governments’ security contractor, G4S, has created a monumental crisis around security of the Olympic athletes, staff and attendees by failing to provide 10,000 + contracted guards. And this failure came as a sudden and unexpected surprise only a week before the games are to begin.

 “Holy staffing crisis Batman!”

In healthcare, where our mission is no less critical – protecting the health and well being of our patients and staff, we deal with the unexpected staffing surprises everyday! And we’re really good at it, but the magnitude of this one that the British face gives me pause.

Planning for an extreme and unexpected crisis in staffing is essential. And in today’s techno-centric environment, no plan should be complete without addressing the supporting technology available to insure success. In workforce management, that includes mobile capabilities to mobilize the workforce.

With mobile functionality, small or large numbers of qualified and available staff are identified and contacted via text, voicemail and email in times of need. Kind of like calling up the troops, either one at a time or everyone at once, and this is exactly what the British are now doing to solve their critical staffing crisis.

So as your planning on how you’ll move forward solving the current daily shift-to-shift staffing crisis, remember to look to the technologies that can support that effort – both the small daily crisis and that big one we hope will never happen but need to be able to address when it does! Think Mobile Staffing Technology…

Go TEAM USA!!! Be safe…

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