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A message from the dog…

June 12, 2012

I can’t believe it. Is this really happening? She ran out to do an errand this morning and left the house without shutting down the computer. This is my chance. I can finally let everyone know what goes on here most days. And, trust me it will curl your hair!

Oh! By the way, I’m Mingo…the dog!

It starts out pretty normal. I have to admit she’s considerate. My need for a short walk gets priority over coffee, breakfast and the “Early Show”. I usually stretch out in the sun by the pool (we live in Florida) while she goes through her wake up routine. My little nap in the sun is abruptly interrupted when, I hear her call out “let’s go to work”.

She leads the way as we walk to the spare bedroom – AKA – the home office. As expected, she takes her seat and I curl up in my bed on the floor. And then it begins. First there is the incessant tapping on the keyboard. I use to think it was work that was getting done, but I peaked recently and was shocked to see her checking Facebook, sending Tweets and logging into LinkedIn. She caught me looking and tried to explain that all this “social media” stuff was part of her job. Can you believe that? I know I’m only a dog, but even I know nobody’s boss would encourage this behavior.

Then the telephone calls begin. There are some days when they are non-stop. And what really drives me nuts is the fact that the topic of these mind numbing conversations is always the same – Workforce Management! Can you imagine a life where all you talk about, enthusiastically I might add, are revolutionary “time clocks”, state-of-the-art staff scheduling systems, the importance of absence management, and let’s not forget about Workforce Analytics for Healthcare! Blah, blah, blah, blah blah…

But lately, there has been a change. The telephone ear piece is still ever present. And the conversations continue as they always have, but the subject of some conversations has changed. Now, among the conversations I’m used to hearing there is something new. I’m hearing OptiLink this, and OptiLink that…

At first, I didn’t think it had anything to do with work. Kind of like the “social media” stuff. But after awhile that didn’t fit. So I listened more closely and I kept hearing OptiLink and Patient Classification System (PCS) being discussed in the same conversations.  In fact, it was beginning to sound like PCS was a way of describing OptiLink.

I asked around the neighborhood, but none of the mutts around here knew anything about PCS’s. The dog next door, Thunder, thought PCS might stand for “Pet Cremation Service” and that had me unnerved for a few days. But I was pretty sure it was related to Workforce Management.

Anyhow, I finally figured it out when I overheard her talking with a customer. She was explaining how with OptiLink the hospital managers would be better able to understand what the workload was and be better able to staff the units appropriately and safely which would lead to better patient outcomes. Isn’t that great!!!

OMG, I think I just caught myself getting excited about Workforce Management! You see how easily it can happen. You live with a nut – you become a nut!

Hold on, I just heard something. The door, a key in the door, someone’s coming in…I gotta go…

”Hey Mingo, can you believe I forgot to turn off the computer?”

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