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May 16, 2012

I may never get to write another blog post. My colleagues here at Kronos are sending me stories that I just have to share!

I’d like to introduce you to Anna Lisa Leal, Kronos Project Manager and her touching, true story, that puts everything into perspective!

Thanks Anna Lisa…

About 11 years ago, I came to work for Kronos after working 17 years in a large hospital group. In my role in field service, I often work on site with my Kronos customers during implementation. I was on a large project that had been going for about a year, and had several more to go. It was close to the Christmas holidays and I was on site for a final week before a time when many of us would be taking a break.

 We were all elated yet drained because we had completed some significant work in the prior months and were gearing up for our next steps. Seems we got big tasks done, celebrated, and then went on to more big steps. Schedules were crazy, tasks to do that seemed to have no end – you know how it is. There never seemed to be enough hours in the day! I was about to take off to my next meeting and I received a text from a friend of mine who still works at the hospital where I used to work as well. The text caused me to “pause” and helped to put our collective work as Information System project teams, both customer and Kronos in perspective.

 Our texts:

Mary: Patient just given 3 wks 2 live. Has no family except 6 yr old son. Held her while she cried. Prayers 4 strength would b good.

AL: Wow – that gives me perspective today.

AL: Thank you so much for sharing w me. Wrking for large hospital org (60K emps)

AL: Ur note helps me remember why this cust hired us. To help ensure we staff and pay emps right . So u can focus on ur job

Mary: Good staffing makes the patients feel cared about rather than just cared 4. Yay u 4 what u do!

 When I’m having a tough day, running from meeting to meeting, revising documents and schedules and estimates for the umpteenth time, data needs to be scrubbed, data can’t’ be found, schedules shift, change, working late into the night…..I pause and think about Mary. NEVER in my worst days at work will I EVER have to hold someone while they cry and come to grips with the fact that they are dying and will leave their children behind…..and then…..turn around and go back to the rest of my work and a thousand tasks and other patients needing my care. Wow.

 Mary’s comment about “Good staffing makes the patients feel cared about rather than just cared for” is WHY we do what we do. It’s about optimum Schedules, optimum staffing, workload metrics, tracking attendance, ensuring folks have leave taken care of, paying them correctly, and of course, making sure productivity is good so we can keep the doors open and continue the mission.

 So – on those “tough days” – keep the faith – and know there is a bigger reason to our work….

 Anna Lisa Leal

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