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Nurses…One man’s opinion…

May 10, 2012

Among the many things I am involved in doing at Kronos, a good amount of my time is spent with our Sales Executives. There are the customer meetings that bring us together, as well as, the ongoing assessment of the industry needs in workforce management technology. I also spend some of my time providing education to the sales team on all types of issues related to the healthcare industry. A common theme in all my interactions with the team is always a focus on the important role that the nursing profession plays in healthcare delivery.  

Sometimes I wonder what the team really thinks about nursing. Well, today I found out. One member of the team decided to take time to care and share his thoughts in honor of Nurses Week and he sent me the note below…thanks Mike!

Let me introduce you to Mike Leon, Senior Sales Executive, Kronos for Healthcare and let Mike tell you what he really thinks…

 I can remember the day almost 18 years ago like it was yesterday.  My daughter Kelly was born at 31 weeks weighing 3.5 pounds.  She was transferred from the local hospital to Cleveland’s Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital where she spend the next 40 days of her life.  I had just started my career at Kronos, had a 3 year old at home and was just getting my first taste of the complexities of healthcare. My wife who is a State Farm Insurance Agent and I had to figure out a way to balance life with a 3 year old son at home, work, and figure a way to visit our daughter at RB&C every day. 

To say that I was completely stressed out would have been an understatement.  I remember a doctor pulling me aside the first day to go over all the issues, and giving me the “odds” of what was going to happen, both good and not so good stuff.  I remember walking away and literally crying in the corner by myself.   I also remember a nurse coming over to me and telling me that everything was not as bad as the doctor had portrayed to me.  Something about “doctors”  bed side manner vs. “Nurses “ bed side manner.

So over the next 40 days, my wife and I visited our daughter Kelly every day.  We devised a schedule that one of us would go in the morning and one of us would go at night and spend a few hours at the hospital.   Each day I went there I realized how truly dedicated the staff was to the small little lives in the NICU.  The nursing staff who I interacted with 95% of the time were incredible in their knowledge , dedication and compassion to both my daughter and my wife and I.  I also learned a great deal about the technology and how truly blessed we were to have a World Class Organization like Rainbow Babies and Children in our city.  My whole perspective on Quality of Care and specifically about the profession of Nursing was forever changed back in 1994.

When someone talks about how US Healthcare is broken.  I can tell you that certain things are NOT broken like the dedication of the nursing profession in NICU’s all over the United State and the Quality of Care these nurses bring to the job every day!

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