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Got Facebook friends?…PROVE IT!

April 12, 2012

This is probably going to come as a shock to you. I know it came as a devastating blow to me personally. But I just found out, I’m not the only Kronos blogger.

This news came to me when the corporate office announced it thought it would be good sport to create a little competition amongst us. We have been challenged to scratch our way to the top of the pile by collecting the most views of our blog between now and Memorial Day. The winner gets to direct $200 Kronos dollars to the charity of their choice. I need to win! I have to win! The kids served by Share Our Strength want me to win!

As you can tell, I don’t really have a competitive nature – I usually just shoot anyone who gets in my way and keep going! But I’m afraid that’s not an option in this case! So I need your help…

You’ve probably noticed that your Facebook home page, no wait, your Facebook timeline – well, somewhere on Facebook, it says you have a lot of “Friends”.  I want you to ask yourself: What have they done for me lately?

Actually, the question is really: What can they do for Susan?

And the answer is pretty simple, they can go to Time To Care – all they have to do is point their browser to the site – BINGO! I get a little closer to winning this thing…

So the next time you’re on Facebook (10 minutes from now I’m guessing), post the following status update for all your friends:

“My friend, Susan, needs everyone’s help. Please help me help her – go to to see why and how you can help. Pass it on! Thanks”

Thanks for taking time to care!


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