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What is it about “time”?

February 28, 2012

There are moments for all of us when either by choice or by happenstance we take a pause to reflect on the course we are traveling. I had one of those moments recently. Quite unexpectedly while tending to a routine email request for information on some matter related to workforce management in healthcare, I found myself startled by a soft and unexpected voice. It was imploring my reply to the question: How did you get here?

I reflexively looked about for the source of the voice, but quickly realized it came from within. It came again. How did you get here? This time the question was less demanding. It was more an amusement or perplexed in nature. I could almost detect a small giggle as the question trailed off: How did you get here?

There are many directions an answer to this question could take. It could lead to tracing my path to my current home in Florida. Or it could be asking for an explanation of my choice to become a nurse or study business. Or it could be asking, as I finally determined it was, how did I come to fashion a life around “time”?

I have very early and warm memories of the children’s song “My Grandfather’s Clock” . Even today, the song makes me smile with its consistent and reassuring “tick, tock, tick, tock”…and the story about “time” it tells is pretty cool too!  

As I grew, there was my father’s gift of a lady bug pendant whose open wings revealed the face of my first timepiece. A gift, I still cherish.

And as I write this, just a short distance from where I sit rests a book that fascinated me as a young adult “Revolution in Time: Clocks and the Making of the Modern World” . It challenged me to imagine a world without the measure of time and how the “clock” fashioned the world we know today.

Which brings me to my present world and the role “time” is playing now. I find myself living in “time” and working with “time”.  As a member of the Kronos team, my world is all about “time” – how to track it with our new InTouch® terminal or plan for it with the Kronos Scheduler or analyze it with Kronos Analytics tools.  

So my answer to the question – How did you get here? – is simple, it took me some “time”!

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