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Where did Granny go?

January 24, 2012

Guest Blogger: Carol Ballou, MBA

Carol is the Healthcare Marketing Manager and a dear friend here at Kronos. She’s a seasoned marketing professional with experience at cutting-edge and, as she would describe them, not so cutting edge technology companies.

In a recent conversation about the Long-Term Care industry, Carol shared with me her families good fortune…well, let me have Carol tell you the story…

Carol’s Story:

My mom, Ruth, cherishes her role as a grandmother. She’s a natural after having raised six children. With her 85th birthday approaching, I needed to briefly reflect and appreciate how fortunate we — her children and grandchildren — have it. You see, I don’t need to apologize for listing her age. Even though she’s not on the Internet so she’ll never see this article, Ruth will gladly tell you. She knows people will say “oh, you don’t look it”. Nor does she act it. No she’s not jet-setting around the world checking off her bucket list. She is active in all her grandchildren lives – attending hockey games, soccer games, graduation and more. She even plays a zoo game that my 7 year old nephew made up. Needless to say, with the imagination of a 7 year old boy, the game is often quite physical. Does she tire more easily? Absolutely. Yet when a friend commented that watching her nephew may be a bit too much, she took offense. You see spending time with her grandchildren keeps Ruth active and engaged.

Unfortunately not everyone’s as lucky to have a grandmother like Ruth. Many grandmothers are in nursing facilities or bouncing between their home, a hospital and the nursing facility. And while providers are working hard to prevent re-hospitalizations by hiring and staffing more RNs, it’s still a challenge. Unlike Ruth’s health, acuity is increasing in nursing facilities. Staff skills and other resources may be limited.

So when asked the question “Where did Granny Go?”, I know Ruth’s out with her grandchildren. For those with grandmothers in nursing homes, I suspect the answer to “Where did Granny Go?” might not be the same. Ideally, someday many more would be as fortunate as is my family.

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