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My Letter to Santa…

December 22, 2011

Dear Santa,

 With Christmas approaching

I thought I would write

And ask you to stop by Kronos on that night.


I want you to witness

What I see all year

The spirit of Christmas that is always here.


With strong sense of purpose

The goals clearly writ

Each customer matters, each solution must fit.


So elves with their heads down

Write code every day

In hope that our customers all say “hurray”.


And how do they plan

What the products will do

Product Managers guide us to steer a course true.


The Sales Force then trumpets

The solutions we build

Making sure that each customer’s needs are fulfilled.


Our Service Consultants

Now this is the group

That pulls it together and closes the loop.


And what would we be

Without world class support

Where questions are answered and issues are thwart.


Now I’d be remiss

And a price I would pay

Should the marketing team be forgotten today.


So let it be known

That the marketing team

Is as far as I see, it’s the crème de la crème.


But now I must close

And in closing must say

That the team here at Kronos is more than okay.


In fact, I believe

You’ll agree with me too

Kronos has a strong team bound together with glue


The glue is the goal

The goals clearly writ

“Each customer matters, each solution must fit”.




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