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“Wake Up!”

December 14, 2011

So far we’ve had some serious posts and some fun posts, I think it’s time we had a seriously fun post!

Healthcare professionals are an interesting group. Faced with the extreme realities of life – unimaginable grief and unbelieveable joy – they cope in often unusual ways. Some find solice in behaviors that others see as destructive. While more than you might imagine find humor as their outlet.

As serious as the business of healthcare is, it is important to find balance. As stewards of the workforce, managers in healthcare are challenged everyday to lead and part of leading is creating and maintaining a cohesive, focused and hard working team. Based on my experience the hardest working teams are those that feel connected to one another, to the cause, to the mission and above all else when the day is done can handle the inherent stress of the work with a good irreverent laugh!

  The Laryngospasms are a group of CRNA’s (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) that show us how our stressors can be handled in a way that will make you smile.  

Take a minute and enjoy their video! Then think about your team and ask yourself…are we having any fun?

Maybe it’s time to “wake up”?

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