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“A chicken attacked my mother!”

September 19, 2011

It really starts insidiously. Sometime in the 1st grade of school, a day comes when you wake up a little cranky. Your parents let you stay up a little later than usual the night before to watch those shooting stars and now you haven’t had enough sleep. Mom keeps trying to get you up and out the door to school, but you just can’t seem to stay awake. And then it happens, your first “sick call” is made!

This first “sick call” is made for you by Mom and probably goes something like – “my precious little one isn’t feeling well today.” It’s not really specific, but is somewhat based in fact. Because we all know Mom’s don’t lie; they stretch the truth sometimes, but they don’t lie!

So it’s at this early age that we learn that there are times when you can’t meet your commitment to be somewhere and you must find a way to explain yourself. And that the real reason you can’t show up and the reason you say you can’t may differ slightly!

I’m sure we have all either authored a creative excuse or have had one delivered to us. Everything from “my babysitter didn’t show up” to “the garage door is stuck and I can’t get the car out”. A quick internet search results in a treasure trove of best sick call excuses. My favorite is “a chicken attacked my mother”. Once you stop laughing, you really have to respect someone brave enough to use that one!

So we acknowledge it, people call in sick. But have we ever thought about the impact that absence has on the workplace? Take a look at this video…it will amaze you!

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